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Moldings And Trims

The right molding and trim can make any room special. It should seamlessly connect the floor and ceiling with the wall. It is the finishing that turns a basic room into a fine work of craftsmanship. Trim gives your space style, interest, and energy. There are many new options that provide a fresh new look. We have access to all types of products including higher quality choices not found elsewhere. Our design and installation is neatly done using skill and high standards. Please contact us to discuss exciting options.

•  crown moldings  • baseboards  •  window and door casing  •  chair rails  •  special moldings and trims


Ceiling and Coverings

Finish crews take over not long after the framing crew leaves. We turn a basic framework into a completed building or home. We provide complete ceilings and covers with a variety of treatments, styles, looks, and special orders. A lot of customers have us create their coffered ceilings that look very nice. That add an air of luxury to a home. Real estate experts always pay close attention to ceilings in the finest homes. A new ceiling can bring light and good feeling into any room. We provide a  wide selection of ceiling and covering types. We know all the special techniques and have the right equipment and experience to do it right. Because we only provide finish work, we get projects completed faster with better results.

•  coffered ceiling  •  beams  •  T&G molding and shiplap

Ceiling And Coverings

Wainscoting and Wall Paneling

Wainscoting and paneling have been featured in fine homes going back centuries. They are more vital than ever with today’s extensive modern choices. It can really increase the value of your home. You can get the real wood look with newer materials that are very low maintenance and look great for decades. We are always happy to consult with you to choose the best look, style, and materials. Any contractor will tell you, that’s a great looking finished room!

•  wainscoting  •  wall paneling  •  T&G molding and shiplap  •  beadboard

Custom Carpentry

Sometimes you need something special built. It may be a design you saw in a magazine, a nice home, or is simply an idea from your own creativity. We have the advantage of being a very small team who love to create custom projects. We can add our design experience to help prefect the idea, then build it to be a pleasing reality that looks even better than you imagined. Let your imagination run wild with built-in bookcases, nooks, and other additions. We build what you need to better enjoy your home.

•  entertainment centers  •  built-in bookcases  •  walk-in closets  •  pantries

New Closet

All Finish Carpentry

While some finish contractors only provide a few services, we do it all. Rado has done every type of finish work and knows in advance how to make it look great, install it properly, and get it done faster. We provide a long list of just about every finish work you will ever need. From installing doors to providing repairs, we can handle any job no matter how large or complicated. Please don’t hesitate to call for your free discussion and quote.

  • interior door installation
  • exterior door installation
  • fireplace remodeling and mantels
  • decorative columns
  • arches and openings
  • interior & exterior trims
  • cabinet installation
  • shelving
  • built-ins
  • re-facing
  • repairs and refinishing
Custom Carpentry

"Over the years RC Finishing Solutions has done a lot of work for us. Their finish work is second to none. Rado leads every project to make sure it's done right. The quality of his work with wood is nothing short of amazing. He always has great suggestions and access to premium materials. I won't use anyone else for my finishing." -  Jonathan Mayer, Costa Mesa

Providing you with exceptional service and quality workmanship

We look forward to working with you and welcoming you to our RC family of valued customers.

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